Sunday, August 23, 2015

From God to His People

A friend re-posted something this week that has really stuck with me. It said, "Regardless of the stress I'm under, most days, I'm managing blessings." We tend to get so wrapped up in this American lifestyle where everything is so readily available and in over abundance. It's too easy here. Don't get me wrong, I love that about our country. BUT, I also can't help but think of my kids in another country where there is huge excitement if it rains once every few months. There is excitement when the Water Truck comes to bring them fresh water. I can't help think of all the children in orphanages who don't get held or hugged at all, while kids here pitch a fit if they can't play on their Wii or Xbox or iPad or iPhone or Ninetendo DS. I think about how kids in third world countries would love to have books while kids here have to be forced to read 20 minutes each night for homework. It weighs on me. But it's also such a great reminder that even the yucky stuff in our lives are incredible blessings in the big scheme of things. So this week I am satisfied with the blessings I am managing.

  • a great can be trying at times, but I have the best husband ever who always makes everything right.. 
  • my weight/health...its a struggle, but I'm overweight because we have food in abundance and I'm thankful for food.
  • sickness...because unlike other places, we have medicine at every street corner 
  • sickness again because we also have a doc-in-the-box in every city...which I am headed to as soon as they open! 
  • my classroom...I have a job. A good one.
  • finances...we have budgets that include starbucks, netflix, the gym, "spending money", and clothes...I mean seriously?! We are so blessed.
  • group can be obnoxious when I am trying to nap or sleep, but then I look at my phone and I see the people I love so much all having a conversation.
  • group texting phone went off 371 times yesterday but I loved it because a group of my friends were all sending compliments about each other. It was so uplifting and I am so grateful to have friends that do that
  • chic-fila...I actually don't stress about this at all, I just added it to the list because it's a blessing sent straight from God to His people. I am 100% sure God has single-handedly blessed every.single. chicken sandwich
  • air school and at home I feel like our air conditioners just don't keep me cool enough and it makes me so irritable. But then I remember we could live closer to the equator in a country where electricity is for the rich and air conditioners don't even exist. I'm such a brat to complain about it being 73 degrees in the house when I would rather it be 70. 73 is such a blessing.
  • our house and all the things we are having to fix...we have a dadgum house!
  • my shoes that are falling apart...oh wait, I have 50 other pairs of shoes to choose from
  • my black skinny jeans are all faded (this literally upset me this week)...I guess I could wear one of the other 20 pairs of pants I own
  • adoption...I will gripe and cry about this whole thing, but in the end, I am bringing home two CHILDREN who get to have forever homes, forever parents, forever siblings, forever grandparents, forever aunts and cousins and uncles, and then I remember this stress is a blessing. Two little blessings.
There are so many more things that bless us daily and this week I got that great reminder about how all my stresses really are blessings. Who am I to stress and worry about what God has given me? However, you may still see me crying and stressing over the adoption. If you do, kindly remind me to put my big girl panties on and get over it. 

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